High risk course
TLILIC0005 - Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more)


This course is for anyone who will be operating an Elevating Work Platform (EWP) in Western Australia. Under WorkSafe requirements EWP operators are required to hold a High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) for class WP if they will be operating a boom-type EWP over 11 metres. EWPs are used for many different tasks around the workplace from maintenance work, checking electrical work, accessing rooftops and cleaning gutters. This course will cover the following aspects:

Plan work or task | What do you need to know before you preform the task? Is the EWP the correct size and weight load limit for the task? Have you identified any hazards associated with the task?
Prepare for work or task | Do you need to talk with anyone before you start the task? Do you need to fill out any paperwork prior to the task taking place? Have you checked the EWP is safe to use and up to date with its maintenance before using it?
Perform work or task | Is the EWP positioned correctly for the task?
Pack up | Was the EWP shut down correctly? Has the EWP been put away where is belongs?

Boom-type elevating work platform means a telescoping device, hinged device, or articulated device, or any combination of these, used to support a platform on which personnel, equipment and materials may be elevated. It involves the operation of a telescoping device, hinged device, or articulated device or any combination of these used to support a platform on which personnel, equipment and materials may be elevated to perform work.

  • Students must be a minimum of 18 years of age as per the requirements of the NAI Standards for Persons Performing High Risk Work
  • All Students must have basic English reading and writing skills and interpreters are not allowed in this course as per NAI Assessment Guidelines for Persons Performing High Risk Work
  • Sound maths skills are essential to be able to complete this training as a large component of the theory assessment involves maths
  • Students who may require additional support are encouraged to inform WA Skills Training staff prior to commencing the course
  • Must be able to provide ID as per applicant guide issued by WorkSafe WA
  • All course participants are required to wear appropriate PPE – long pants, long sleeve high-viz shirt and steel capped safety boots are required.
  • 2 day course (inexperienced users)

We offer a two day course that is delivered in our Welshpool and Bunbury training centres or on clients worksite on request.

Our training dates can be found here Calendar Downloads

  • Knowledge
  • Calculation
  • Practical

This is a closed book assessment. Must be completed in English.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be issued with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment in accordance with our Issuance Policy and Procedure

You will also be issued with a Notice of Assessment (NOA). This is your interim licence from WorkSafe WA which will be valid for 60 days. Within the 60 days WA Skills Training will lodge your licence application to WorkSafe WA for them to issue your high risk licence.  Worksafe WA will  post your high risk licence to your address.

An application for a High Risk Work Licence (WP Boom Type Elevating Work Platform) will be sent to WorkSafe WA for processing.

WA Skills Training requires a minimum of 25% deposit to secure a booking, or you can choose to pay in full at the time of the booking. Payment can be made by credit card in person or over the phone, or via bank transfer. Final payment is required to be paid in full prior to course commencement.

Please refer to WA Skills Training Cancellation Policy available in the Student Handbook.

For more information please to CLICK HERE download the Student Handbook.