Non Accredited Online Refresher Course
RIIWHS204E - Work safely at heights


**  Non Accredited Certificate of Completion Online Refresher **

Our online refresher process is designed for workers who want to refresh a unit of competency (tickets) via a blended pathway of practical evidence and an online assessment saving the need to sit in a class for a whole day.

Working at heights training is required by anyone who will either be working at a heights or around objects that could fall from heights. There is no minimum height required for a job to be classed as working at heights. This course covers all aspects of working at heights whether it be climbing a ladder, working from a platform, to working on a roof. This course will look at different aspects of working at heights to consider when completing a task such as structures you are working on, the ground level and if it is stable, weather conditions and how this impacts how the tasks will be completed, and lighting conditions if they are suitable. This course will cover the following aspects:

Identify work requirements | Why do you need to work at heights? What equipment will you require? What do you need to do before you can complete the task?
Identify work procedures and instructions | Who do you need to talk to before you do the work? Have you checked the work area and equipment?
Access and install equipment | Has all equipment been checked before use?
Perform work at heights | Complete the job safely.
Clean up work area | Ensure all equipment is checked and put away correctly.

To be eligible to complete your refreshers through this pathway you will need to meet all of the following steps:

Step 1: Complete enrolment form

Step 2: Employer verification letter

Step 3: Supply copy of your previous nationally recognised ticket (if your previous ticket was issued by WA Skills Training, please ignore steps 3 and 4.

Step 4: Supply your VET Transcript – a record of your training

Step 5: Payment is required in full prior to being enrolled

Step 6: Receive your login details and complete online theory assessment * Once you have been enrolled you will have 3 months from your enrolment date in which you will need to complete the theory and practical assessments.

If you can meet the above criteria then please follow the link below to access the correct information and documentation to begin your enrolment process.

Username: online.refresher
Password: online

 If you are not able to meet all of the above criteria you will need to enrol into a face-to-face refresher course at one of our training centres. 

  •  Once you have been enrolled your online theory assessment will be valid for completion within 30 days
  • Your assessment will take between 30-90 minutes depending on your skill and knowledge level

Once all pre-enrolment evidence is received and you have met all correct criteria you will be sent your login details for completion of your theory assessment.

It is highly recommended that you study before attempting the online assessment. There will be a manual available for download in your online course for you to study before you complete your online assessment/s.

NOTE: You will need to achieve a passing grade of 100% in order to pass these assessments.  You will be given two (2) attempts at each question.
Any grade of 90% or more will qualify you for a verbal re-assessment of any questions that you get wrong.
In this event, please call to discuss any questions that you may have missed.

Express processing is available for an additional $25.
Certificate of Completion will be issued within one business day of your completion of the online assessment.

Same day processing is available for an additional $50.
Certificate of Completion will be issued on the same business day you complete the online assessment – provided the assessment is completed by 3.00pm.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion in accordance with our Issuance Policy and Procedure

Payment is required in full before login details can be issued. Payment can be made by credit card in person or over the phone, or via bank transfer.

Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions (Student) or Terms and Conditions (Client) (includes the refund and cancellation policy)

  • The cost of each refresher includes a non refundable administration fee of $45 per unit.
  • Cancellations made before actual enrolment will be entitled to refund minus $45 administration fee.
  • Cancellations made after enrolment will not be refunded.


For more information please to CLICK HERE download the Student Handbook.